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  Gertrude Abercrombie
Eileen Agar
Jean (Hans) Arp
Herbert Bayer
Hans Bellmer
Jean Benoit
Anna-Eva Bergman
Eugene Berman
Vilhelm Bjerke-Petersen
Bona (de Mandiargues)
Victor Brauner
Andre Breton
Max Bucaille
Alexander Calder
Leonora Carrington
Federico Castellon
Giorgio de Chirico
Ithell Colquhoun
Joseph Cornell
Jose Corti
Lucien Coutaud
Dado (Miodrag Djuric)
Salvador Dali
Frederic Delanglade
Paul Delvaux
Oscar Dominguez
Enrico Donati
Georges Dussau
Marcel Duchamp
Aube Elleouet
Edgar Ende
  Jimmy Ernst
Max Ernst
Leonor Fini
Gray Foy
Esteban Frances
Wilhelm Freddie
Aline Gagnaire
Henri Goetz
Eugenio Granell
James Guy
Maurice Henry
Jacques Herold
Kati Horna
Georges Hugnet
Valentine Hugo
Nino Japaridze
Marcel Jean
Leon Kelly
Rita Kernn-Larsen
Alfred Kubin
Felix Labisse
Wifredo Lam
Jacqueline Lamba
Stanislao Lepri
Richard Lindner
Dora Maar
Rene Magritte
Georges Malkine
Man Ray
Andre Masson
  Roberto Matta
E. L. T. Mesens
Joan Miro
Pierre Molinier
Walter Tandy Murch
Gordon Onslow Ford
Meret Oppenheim
Wolfgang Paalen
Mimi Parent
Roland Penrose
Benjamin Peret
Pablo Picasso
Fred Pines
Jacques Prevert
Charles Rain
Robert Rius
Stephen Robeson Miller
Pierre Roy
Kay Sage
Dietrich Schuchardt
Kurt Seligmann
Jean-Claude Silbermann
Jindrich Styrsky
Max Walter Svanberg
Yves Tanguy
Dorothea Tanning
Pavel Tchelitchew
Toyen (Marie Cerminova)
Remedios Varo
Paul Wunderlich
Unica Zürn

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