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Le Cadavre Exquis, Son Exaltation
Le Cadavre Exquis, Son Exaltation
  • 56 pages
  • book size 11¼" x 8¼" (28.6 x 21 cm.)
  • 42 b/w illustrations
  • published 1975, Galleria Schwarz, Milan
  • softbound
  • trilingual text in Italian, French, and English
  • catalog to the exhibition held Feb 05-28, 1975 at Arturo Schwarz's legendary gallery in Milan
  • edited by Arturo Schwarz
  • essay by Andre Breton with additional texts by Tristan Tzara, Andre Masson, Simone Collinet, Marcel Duhamel, and Jindrich Chalupecky
  • Condition: new unread copy with storage wear
40 Exquisite Corpses indexed and illustrated, with participating artists including Louis Aragon, Vaclav Bartovsky, Hans Bellmer, Andre Breton, Gala Dali, Salvador Dali, Robert Desnos, Oscar Dominguez, Cecile Eluard, Nusch Eluard, Paul Eluard, Frantisek Gross, Frantisek Hudecek, Georges Hugnet, Valentine Hugo, Marcel Jean, Andre Masson, Suzanne Muzrd, Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, Georges Sadoul, Yves Tanguy, Tristan Tzara, etc...A rare and superb reference volume!
Andre Breton - Le Cadavre Exquis, Son Exaltation - Galleria Schwarz, Milan - 1975 Softboound Gallery Exhibition Catalog

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