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 Pavel Tchelitchew   (1898-1957)

  The Tennis Players
  • sepia ink and wash on paper, 1934
  • signed and dated 34 lower right recto
  • paper size 12" x 7¾" (30.5 x 19.7 cm.)
  • Literature:  Eugene Berman - Pavel Tchelitchew:
    Neo-Romantic Master Works from the 1930's & 1940's
    Gallery of Surrealism, NY, 2005, p.11
...Tchelitchew began work on a major theme - "the tennis players." He commenced with two very large pastel heads of a baby tennis player, Peter the Great and Head of a Child, drawn with a control of linear modeling which recalls Paolo Uccello. These pastels were accompanied by numerous drawings, many of which were side views of the head of a girl with an enormously enlarged ear. Gradually the figure of the girl, three-quarter-length and seen in violently distorted perspective, became the subject of the final version of The Tennis Players. (It is the same girl, remembered from childhood, who appears at intervals in the artist's work and rests against the middle of the tree trunk in Hide-and-Seek.)
   -James Thrall Soby, Tchelitchew: Paintings-Drawings, MoMA, NY, 1942, p.25-26
Pavel Tchelitchew - The Tennis Players - 1934 sepia ink and wash on paper enlarge in new window

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