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 Roberto Matta   (1911-2002)

  Totem Chair
  • carved oak wood sculpture, 1980
  • with the signature of the artist stamped on the base
  • with the number from the edition of 12 stamped on the base
  • total contracted edition of 12 numbered examples + 3 examples HC
  • height 49" (126 cm.)
  • Published by Editions Sabatier, France
  • Accompanied by the original photo-certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artist in ink
The edition of this remarkable sculpture was contracted for twelve examples to be numbered 1/12 - 12/12 plus three artist's proofs to be designated HC0, HC00, and HC000. Upon final inspection of the completed edition, Matta decreed that only five of the numbered examples and one of the proofs (HC0) were of the highest quality and ordered the remainder destroyed. Matta retained the HC0 artist's proof, leaving only five remaining Totem Chairs numbered from the edition of twelve.

Roberto Matta - Totem Chair - signature and numbering detail - 1980 wood sculpture
signature/numbering detail
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Roberto Matta - Totem Chair - 1980 wood sculpture

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