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 Dorothea Tanning   (1910-2012)

  L'extreme-occidentale: Avant-propos
  • etching and soft-ground etching printed in dark blue and deep reddish brown, 1961
  • this example one of the 6 signed artist's proofs on Arches
  • edition of 125 signed on print but numbered only on justification page: 20 on Japan nacre numbered 1-20; 80 on Arches numbered 21-100; 25 hors commerce on Arches numbered I-XXV and an unspecified number of proofs including 6 signed artist's proofs on Arches
  • plate size 6 15/16" x 4 7/16" (16 x 11.1 cm.)
  • paper size 13" x 10" (33 x 25.4 cm.)
  • for the portfolio L'extreme-occidentale: sept rituels with text by Gherasim Luca, 1 print by Tanning and additional prints by Jean Arp, Victor Brauner, Max Ernst, Jacques Herold, Wifredo Lam, and Roberto Matta
  • printed by George Visat, Paris
  • Literature:  Dorothea Tanning: Hail, Delirium!, New York Public Library, 1992, catalog no.12, pp.34, 91-92
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A young Paris poet, illustrated by his friends. This artist, D.T., enjoyed getting the most out of just two colors, a habit she never relinquished. Meanwhile her French at this time was not up to Luca's subtle poetics. So she conjured a figure all camouflage and smokey veils. . .
      -Dorothea Tanning, Hail, Delirium!, 1992, catalog raisonne
Dorothea Tanning - L'extreme-occidentale - Avant-propos - 1961 color etching

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