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Dietrich Schuchardt

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  Born:    Rügen, Germany  1945
Lives:   Offenburg, Germany

Dietrich Schuchardt was born on the island of Rügen in 1945.  Along with her other three children, his pregnant mother had fled her home in Hinterpommern.  The victorious Russian army was marching on Berlin.  She arrived with hundreds of other women, children, and aged refugees to the island's overcrowded hospital of Bergen.  Schuchardt was born on February 14th, the same day the British Air Force destroyed Dresden.  The winter of 1945 was extremely brutal, with temperatures well below zero and 2 meters of snow.  Thousands of Germans, fleeing from the ravaged Eastern German areas towards the West, had nearly nothing to eat.  The Bergen hospital obstetrician cautioned Schuchardt's mother to leave her new born baby behind, predicting the infant could not survive the harsh conditions.  She refused to give him up.  And the baby survived!

The family lived in Erfurt, and then eventually settled in Offenburg in Baden-Württemberg in the South West of Germany, where Schuchardt attended school.  He left the Gymnasium and entered a three year apprenticeship as a graphic designer, after which he entered the Navy and served for 18 months.   In 1966 he began a two year training period as an art teacher and was an art instructor from 1969 until 2009.   Despite teaching full-time he remained a highly productive artist, thanks to his prodigious discipline.  He is a self taught artist who received little artistic or technical inspiration or help in his formal training.  He considers Dürer, Dali, Patinier, and Max Ernst among the artists who most influenced him.  The artist continues to live and work in the lush Black Forest region of Offenburg with his wife, Annelies.  They have two children, Julia and Marc.

The universe of Dietrich Schuchardt's oeuvre exists centered in nature, informed by the white chalk cliffs of his birthplace of Rügen, the Black Forest of southern Germany where he lives and works, and his extensive travels.  Beauty, wonder, and mystery are found in the continuous cycles of decay and regeneration.   Man, and his consciousness, tools, and technologies are bound into these immutable cycles.

The artist works primarily in three mediums.  Images are most often initially conceived and rendered as meticulous drawings, exquisite and precise in their draftsmanship.  These works are usually drawn in pencil on vellum and can be extraordinarily detailed.  Those compositions that exert the greatest fascination on the artist may be further developed as gouache paintings, painstakingly executed and taking from a few weeks to as long as half a year to complete.  The time period between the completion of a drawing and the beginning of a corresponding gouache can be as little as a few days or as long as several years.   Schuchardt has also gained considerable renown as a master engraver and has created over 250 etching editions to date.  Using an antique phonograph needle, the artist engraves a copper plate.  The engraving process for one etching can take well over 100 hours.  After the engraving is complete, the plate is etched in an acid bath after which it may be inked and printed, yielding black and white prints pulled one at a time.  In an almost extinct tradition, Schuchardt then hand paints each impression in watercolors and the result is a limited edition print that is a true original in the strictest sense of the word.

Solo Exhibitions

2006    Perry L. Meyer Fine Art, San Diego, CA
2006    Behr-Thyssen Gallery, New York
2004    Dietrich Schuchardt - Retrospective, National Arts Club, New York
1999    Galerie 10, Karlsruhe
1999    Gallery of Surrealism, New York
1999    Galerie Nova, Hagen
1997    Galerie Neuheisel, Saarbrücken
1996    Short Hills Art Gallery, New Jersey
1996    Kunstverein Mittleres Kinzigtal, Haslach
1995    Dietrich Schuchardt - Grand Retrospective, Stadt Offenburg Galerie im Spitalspeicher
1994    Galerie Neuheisel, Saarbrücken
1994    Galerie im Brüderkrankenhaus, Trier
1992    Galerie Eva Tent, Koblenz
1992    Bild des Monats, Frankenthal
1992    Georg-Scholz-Haus, Waldkirch
1991    Städtisches Kulturamt, Gernsbach
1990    Dietrich Schuchardt - 100th Exhibition Retrospective, Galerie Neuheisel, Saarbrücken
1989    Stubengalerie, Goslar
1989    Galerie Profil, Cham
1988    Galerie Rauch, Lörrach
1988    Galerie Wagner, Dietzenbach
1988    Galerie Jaeschke, Braunschweig
1987    Galerie Nova, Hagen
1987    Galerie Rost, Koblenz
1987    Galerie Daberkow, Friedrichsdort
1987    Galerie Neuheisel, Saarbrücken
1987    Galerie Waldherr, Kirchheimbolanden
1987    Galerie Vita, Bern
1986    Galerie Neuheisel, Saarbrücken
1986    Die Galerie, Saasbachwalden
1986    Galerie GO, Rehau
1985    Les Heures Claires, Paris
1985    Galerie im Spitaispeicher, Offenburg
1985    Alde Gott, Kunsttage Kurhaus, Saasbachwalden
1985    Galerie Götz, Stuttgart
1984    Galerie Neuheisel, Saarbrücken
1984    Die Bilderstube Rühl, Bad Homburg
1984    Galerie Palette, Schweinfurt
1984    Atelier Theis, Bochum
1984    Galerie Bollhagen, Worpswede
1983    Galerie in der Alstadt, Altensteig
1983    Galerie Wertmüller, Brugg
1983    Chateau de Marly-le-Petit, Fribourg
1983    Galerie im Riesgässli, Lörrach
1983    Alstadtgalerie, Mosbach
1983    Werkstatt-Galerie, Würzburg
1983    Alstadtgalerie, Wiesbaden
1982    Neue Münchner Galerie, München
1982    Galerie Happy Joss, Hamburg
1982    Art Gallerie Pictor, Göteborg, Schweden
1982    Galerie Jaeschke, Braunschweig
1982    Galerie Andreas Weng, Mannheim
1982    Galerie Alfermann, Solingen
1982    ART 13/82, Basel
1981    Galerie Nova, Hagen
1981    Alstadt Galerie, Göttingen
1981    Mühlen Galerie, Gütersloh
1981    Endwerkgalerie, Heilbronn
1981    Galerie Nelsen, Böblingen
1981    Galerie Scheffel, Bad Homburg
1981    Galerie Karstadt, Köln
1981    ART 12/81, Basel
1980    Paulus Galerie, Albstadt-Tailfingen
1980    Galerie am Eck, Offenburg
1980    Galerie das Bild, Berlin
1980    Galerie Lutzke, Pech/Bonn-Bad Godesberg
1980    International Print Society, New Hope
1980    Galerie Neuheisel, Saarbücken
1980    Stubengalerie, Goslar
1980    ART 11/80, Basel
1980    Galerie Homburg, Homburg
1979    Galerie Hagen, Offenburg
1979    Galerie Daberkow, Frankfurt
1979    Galerie Nelsen, Böblingen
1979    Galerie Sevrugian & Bahls, Heidelberg
1979    International Print Society Galerie, Jerusalem
1979    Galerie Stücker, Brunsbüttel
1979    Galerie an der Düssel, Düsseldorf
1979    ART 10/79, Basel
1978    Galerie "Haus zum Dachs", Freiburg
1978    Galerie Alfermann, Solingen
1978    Galerie das Bild, Berlin
1978    Galerie Schmiedel, Bergheim
1978    Galerie an der Marspoort, Xanten
1978    die Keller Galerie, Homburg
1978    Galerie Krüll, Krefeld
1978    Galerie Tabula, Tübingen
1978    Galerie Dalberstrasse, Aschaffenburg
1978    Galerie Kunstgiebel, Friedrichsfeld
1978    Gloucester County College, New Jersey
1978    Galerie Art et Verre, Gelnhausen
1978    Galerie Aquarius, Cremona
1977    Galerie Riesgässli, Lörrach
1977    Galerie Gutenberg, Strasbourg
1977    Galerie Nova, Hagen
1977    Galerie in der "unteren Schramme", Biberach
1977    Galerie Daberkow, Frankfurt
1977    Galerie in der Weststadt, Hochheim
1977    Galerie Garuda, Darmstadt
1977    Galerie Tabula, Tübingen
1977    Stubengalerie, Goslar
1975    Galerie Hardy Schneider-Sato, Karlsruhe
1973    Galerie im städt Verkehrsverein, Offenburg

Group Exhibitions

2012    Surrealism and its Affinities 2012, Gallery of Surrealism, New York
2011    Surrealism and its Affinities 2011, Gallery of Surrealism, New York
2010    Art Elysees, Paris, France
2008    Affordable Art Fair, New York
2007    Art D.C., Washington, D.C.
2007    Art Miami, Miami Beach, FL
2006    The Pavilion at Art Expo New York, New York
2006    Art Miami, Miami Beach, FL
2005    Chicago Contemporary & Classic, Chicago
2005    Art Miami, Miami Beach
2004    Galerie Irmgard Heyd, Hildritzhausen
2004    Art Expo New York, New York
2003    CFM Gallery, New York
2003    Galerie im Oberlichtsaal, Sindelfingen
2003    Art Expo New York, New York
2002    Städt. Museum, Engen
2001    Galerie Nova, Hagen
2001    Galerie Corona, Hildrishausen
2000    Neue Meister, Galerie Profil, Cham
1999    Galerie im Landratsamt, Böblingen
1999    Galerie Fruchthalle, Rasstadt
1999    Neue Meister, Galerie Profil, Cham
1998    Neue Müncher Galerie, München
1998    Gegenständliche Kunst heute Kunstverein, Offenburg
1997    Galerie Nova, Hagen
1997    Das Kleine Format, Kunstverein OffenburglMittelbaden, Offenburg
1996    25 Jahre Galerie Nova, Galerie Nova, Hagen
1994    Galerie Profil, Cham
1994    Galerie Kaufmann, Nördlingen
1993    Galerie Lübking, Minden
1992    Galerie Kaufmann, Bopfingen
1991    Neue Müncher Galerie, München
1991    Galerie Profil, Cham
1991    Realismus am Oberreihn, Schloß Karlsburg, Karlsruhe
1991    Galerie Raiffeisenbank Wetzlar, Wetzlar
1989    Galerie Nova, Hagen
1989    Kunst am Rohrbach, Heidelberg
1989    Galerie Götz, Stuttgart
1987    Galerie Moderna, Bad Kissingen
1986    Stubengalerie, Goslar
1984    Galerie der Schuldruckerei, Reutlingen
1984    The Creative Act, The Noyes Museum of Art, New Jersey
1983    ART 14/83, Basel
1983    Stubengalerie, Goslar
1982    Galerie Scheffel, Bad Homburg
1980    Galerie Wohnen 80, Kehl
1980    Gloucester County College, New Jersey
1978    Wash Art 78, Washington, D.C.
1978    Arte Fiera, Bologna
1977    Galerie im Kreisschulzentrum, Offenburg
1977    FIAC, Paris
1976    Gondrom Galerie, Bayreuth Kunstverein-Hanauerland, Kehl
1974    Gengenbach
1972    Gengenbach

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Dietrich Schuchardt

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