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Jeu de Dessin Communique
Jeu de Dessin Communique
(Game of Communicated Drawing)
  • 156 pages
  • book size 6¾" x 7½" (17 x 19 cm.)
  • 185 black and white illustrations
  • published 1999, Galerie 1900|2000, Paris
  • softbound with illustrated wraps
  • text in French
  • includes texts by Noel Arnaud, Edouard Jaguer, and Nadine Lefebure
  • Condition: as new
Catalog to the exhibition held in Paris on Sep 09 - Oct 16, 1999.

The definitive catalog to the series of successive drawings created during the playing of this classic Surrealist game. The game consists of one artist making a drawing and showing it for only seconds to a second artist who must then reproduce it from memory, followed by the new drawing being shown to a third artist, and so on indefinitely.

Participating artists included and illustrated include Adolphe Acker, Flora Acker, Noel Arnaud, Andre Breton, Nicolas Calas, Therese Casa (Caen), Jean-Francois Chabrun, Oscar Dominguez, Esteban Frances, Georges Henein, Laurence Iche, Edouard Jaguer, Andre Kundorf, Jacqueline Lamba, Leo Mallet, Marco Monegoz, Georges Mouton, Nadine Lefebure, Benjamin Peret, Pirouette, Remedios Varo, Reinoso, Robert Rius, Arlette Seligmann, Kurt Seligmann, Jeannette Tanguy, Yves Tanguy, Manuel Viola, and many others.
Jeu de Dessin Communique (Game of Communicated Drawing) - 1999 Softbound Gallery Exhibition Catalog

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