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 Toyen (Marie Cerminova)   (1902-1980)

  Sans Titre (Untitled)
  • double sided collage on paper, circa 1960
  • multiple stamps of the atelier cachet, recto and verso
  • paper size 12¼" x 8¼" (31 x 21 cm.)
  • Exhibited:  Toyen, Gallery de la Ville de Prague, May 12-August 6, 2000, "House of the Stone Belle"
  • Literature:  L'Univers de TOYEN, Le Minotaure, Paris, 2003, p.6, no.1 (color)
While Toyen's Prague period was dominated by paintings and drawings, around the year 1970, when she gradually abandoned painting, her artistic means of expression were evenly distributed, although her collages seem more striking while her dry-points are more introverted....Toyen's later collages are typical for the discriminating selection of material, conciseness of the elements used and their sharp composition....Toyen never exhibited the double-sided collages she produced during the 1960s and 1970s and she probably did not even show them to any of her close friends. They were not made public until an auction in 1982.
     -Karel Srp, Toyen, Argo, Prague, 2000

Toyen (Marie Cerminova) - Sans Titre (Untitled) - c.1960 double sided collage enlarge in new window

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