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Salvador Dali (1904-1989)
Dali: La Divine Comedie
  • 36 pages, size 11" x 8½" (28 x 21.6 cm.)
  • 104 color and 6 b/w illustrations
  • with the cooperation of Jean Estrade of Les Heures Claires
  • published 2005, Artco, France
  • softbound with illustrated wraps
  • text in French and English
  • illustrates all 100 plates in color for Dali's legendary interpretation of The Divine Comedy
  • includes the 101st illustration not utilized in the original publication
  • correct captions for each work, as originally selected by Joseph Foret in 1960, are listed in French, English, and Spanish
  • with history of the original publication as well as the reissue book edition released in 2004 celebrating the centennary of Dali's birth
  • Condition: as new
Catalog of the exhibition Dali a Namur held Jun 10 - Jul 12, 2005 in Paris.
A superb reference volume!
Salvador Dali - The Divine Comedy - 2005 Softbound Catalog

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