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Giorgio de Chirico (1883-1978)
Warhol Verso De Chirico
  • 58 pages
  • 26 color & 13 b/w illustrations
  • book size 10¾" x 9" (27.3 x 22.9 cm.)
  • published 1985, Marisa del Re Gallery, New York
  • softbound with illustrated wraps
  • text in English
  • includes essay Warhol Salutes De Chirico by Claudio Bruni Sakraischik
  • includes interview with Andy Warhol by Achille Bonito Oliva
  • Condition: as new
Catalog for the exhibition of artworks by De Chirico along with works by Warhol after De Chirico held at the Marisa del Re Gallery, New York in 1985.

From the foreword by Marisa del Re:
To-day particularly we can appreciate the relevance of Andy Warhol's replications of the work of Giorgio de Chirico, one of the few great modernists who willingly produced self-copies, or "appropriations" of his own oeuvre. No further words need to be added to the brilliant essay by Achille Bonito Oliva and the informative introduction by Claudio Bruni Sakraischik other than to express my appreciation as well as my gratitude for their contributions in making this exhibition possible.
Giorgio de Chirico - Andy Warhol - Warhol Verso De Chirico - 1985 Softbound Gallery Exhibition Catalog

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