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 Dorothea Tanning   (1910-2012)

  • livre d'artiste with two hand signed color lithographs, 1971
  • hand signed in pencil on the colophon and numbered from the edition of 90
  • edition of 90 on Arches, signed and numbered: 1-90, there also exists an unspecified number of proofs of the lithographs including 10 signed color trial proofs on Arches and 10 signed artist's proofs on Arches of each subject
  • book size 6" x 12¾" (15 x 32.3 cm.)
  • lithograph plate sizes 3 3/16" x 10⅛" (8 x 25.8 cm.)
  • livre d'artiste issued in conjunction with a one-person exhibition at Gallery Iolas, Milan, Feb 1971
  • published by Galleria Alexandre Iolas, Milan
  • printed by Pierre Chave, Vence
  • Literature:  Dorothea Tanning: Hail, Delirium!, New York Public Library, 1992, catalog no.29, pp.58, 97
      front cover         plate one         plate two

The frieze dimension reappears to fit the format of a book of friezes to accompany a solo exhibition in Milan. Here the printer rolled color sideways, producing the gentle toning from one color to another. These Dionysiac revelers intertwine to announce more of the same goings-on inside the book. Each long narrow page unfolded out to reveal a succession of dramas like movies.
      -Dorothea Tanning, Hail, Delirium!, 1992, catalog raisonne
Dorothea Tanning - Ouvre-toi - 1971 livre d'artiste with two color lithographs
Dorothea Tanning - Ouvre-toi - 1971 plate one color lithograph
Dorothea Tanning - Ouvre-toi - 1971 plate two color lithograph

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